Vital Energi is the market leader in sustainable energy generation, distribution and energy reduction solutions. We create and deliver superior quality sustainable energy solutions that cut energy bills, are kind to the environment and provide security of supply.

Within the Vital group of companies our aim is to ensure we meet our clients’ current and future energy needs. The services we provide focus on two main areas, the sustainable and viable means of generating and distributing energy and the management, measurement and reduction of consumption. Vital Energi Utilities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vital Holdings and employs over 300 in-house specialists UK wide, with three main branch offices located in London, Blackburn and Scotland.

As complete project delivery and service business, Vital Energi provides a complete sustainable energy service from concept and design through to installation and long-term asset management, entirely in-house. We also offer an Energy Services Company (ESCo) solution and can advise our clients on the most cost effective combination of technologies and design solutions that meet their needs and maximise the potential of government incentives and policies. Our passion for innovation has meant that we remain a key architect of the growth of green energy in the UK and are proud of our position as one of the first British companies to provide it.

With over of 30 years’ experience operating in the sustainable energy market, Vital Energi has successfully self-delivered in excess of 150 low carbon energy projects for universities, hospitals, museums, industry and airports as well as pioneering innovative district energy schemes supplying energy to over 40,000 homes. Our technical capability is proven by our 39 industry awards and recent successful track record of experience:

Projects include:

  • Movement, Greenwich: Vital are the Energy Services Company for 35 years on the biomass and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy centre and district heating network
  • Yarn Street, Leeds: Vital are the Energy Services Company for 25 years, providing a full service to residents, including energy metering and billing as well as related customer service for a 100kW CHP engine and three 595kW condensing gas boilers for up to 315 dwellings
  • Paintworks, Bristol: Vital Energi are the ESCo for this project providing the full
  • Imperial College, London – Vital Energi are the ESCo for this project providing the full design, build, operate and maintain of the energy centre and community heating network for 40 years.  The energy centre supplies 221 apartments and town houses using 8 x 250kWe gas boilers. design, build, operate and maintain of the energy centre for 10 years.
  • 14 Healthcare schemes including; York Teaching Hospital, Cheltenham Hospital, Northampton Hospital, Oxford University Foundation Trust Hospitals, Scarborough & Bridlington Hospital, Salford Royal Infirmary, NHS Tayside hospitals, NHS Grampian hospitals providing energy performance contracts which guarantee over 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 reduction and in excess of £250m of financial savings during the course of their contracts. These savings are guaranteed over 15-30 year terms.


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