After an intensive five-year market research programme, Sheffield Heat and Power Limited was formed in February 1988 to build and operate an efficient and cost effective city-wide combined heat and power/district heating scheme in Sheffield. The District Energy scheme, now owned by Veolia Environmental Services Limited, provides buildings in the City centre and the surrounding areas with a low carbon energy source that is generated in a central location, converted to hot water and pumped through a network of underground pipes and delivered to a heat exchanger in buildings of all sizes and types.

In Sheffield, the energy required for the District Energy Network is recovered from incinerating the city’s residual waste after recycling initiatives (waste that is put in black wheeled bins). Steam is generated from the incineration process and passed through a turbine to generate electricity for sale to the National Grid and/or converted to hot water for the District Energy Network. The Energy Recovery Facility in the city currently utilises 225,000 tonnes of waste to produce up to 60MW of thermal energy and up to 19MW electrical energy.

The District Energy Network in Sheffield is one of the largest and most successful in the UK. There are 45km of pipeline installed across the city centre reaching Netherthorpe, Western Bank, the Heart of the City, Moorfoot and Park Hill. Over 2,800 dwellings have benefitted and In a typical year around 120,000 MWh of heat is delivered to numerous buildings in Sheffield City Centre and the surrounding areas. Annually over 21,000 t of CO2 is prevented from being released.

There are over 140 Buildings currently connected to the District Energy Network. Here are a few examples of some of the buildings connected to the District Energy Network.

The Netherthorpe Tower Blocks
The first two Netherthorpe tower blocks were connected in 1998 and the second two blocks were connected in 2001 as part of Sheffield City Council’s refurbishment programme to the flats. The network provides an economical and safe method of providing heat to high rise homes.
Weston Park Hospital
Weston Park Hospital was connected in 1993. District Energy provides 1.4MW of heating and 400kW of hot water to staff and patients in the hospital, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Telephone House
Telephone House, on Charter Row in Sheffield was connected in 1995 when the network was expanding to the north west of the city. The District Energy Network supplies over 1MW of heat to the offices housed in the building.
University of Sheffield
The District Energy Division of Veolia Environmental Services Sheffield supplies over 40MW of heat and 9MW of hot water to many University of Sheffield buildings located in the city.
The Millennium Galleries
The Millennium Galleries house exhibitions of art, craft & design. They are located in the heart of the city and provide a great setting for leisure, education & business. The building was connected to the District Energy Network prior to opening in the spring of 2001.
Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield’s Town Hall was one of the first buildings to sign up to connect to the network as it expanded through the city centre in 1989. The District Energy Network has provided heat and hot water to visitors, staff and local politicians in the Town Hall for over decade.
The Sheffield College
The Sheffield College buildings, located to the south east of the city centre enjoy the benefits of district energy providing heat and hot water to staff and students.
The Straddle Building
The Straddle building at Victoria Quays, now provides office space. It was connected to the network during refurbishment of the historical building in 1995.


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