At Therma Mech we’re all about good energy. We judge the value of our work and grow our business through the positive long term relationships we have with our clients. Accelerating the installation of sustainable energy schemes and changing the world for the better.

Driving Change

At ThermaMech we’re driving that change. Rapidly adapting to technological developments and committing to delivering the most efficient and sustainable heat network solutions for our customers, across high-rise city living, low-density new-build housing and mixeduse developments.

We provide the complete life-cycle district energy solution, bringing the whole project together for efficient results with greater timeline certainty.

This includes:

• Energy Production
• Energy Distribution
• Energy Interfaces

Podium Pipework

Podium pipework allows for the distribution of district energy above ground. It’s a crucial part of the system and allows for either multiple buildings to be connected to one network or even multiple cores to be connected on multi-storey projects. When undertaking these works, we put a huge focus on design of both fixings / bracketry and also thermal expansion.

Riser & Laterals

We specialise in the installation of Riser and Lateral pipework. It is an integral part of any district energy system, as it allows low temperature


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