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The Greater London Authority (GLA) is a top-tier administrative body responsible for the strategic administration of Greater London.


Institute of Energy, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University

The Institute of Energy encompasses high quality interdisciplinary research, education and training to address future predicted skills shortages in attracting the next generation of engineers and researchers in the fields of sustainable energy.

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Iona Capital Ltd

Iona Capital ("Iona") was established in 2011 as a specialist investment fund manager with a focus on investing in bio-energy and renewable energy infrastructure projects.

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London Borough of Haringey

Haringey Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Haringey.

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Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf Group has already achieved one of the greatest ever feats of civic engineering, turning a once derelict Docklands into 97 acres of London’s, and the world’s, most sought after office and retail space.

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Gexcon UK

Gexcon UK is part of Gexcon International, a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling.

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London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Contact London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Town Hall [...]

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Sutton Decentralised Energy Network Limited (SDEN) is a company wholly owned by the London Borough of Sutton. Set up in 2016, SDEN will deliver heating and hot water to residents and businesses across South London, starting in Sutton. SDEN will reduce fossil fuel use, contributing towards Sutton’s goal of becoming a zero-carbon borough by 2025.


L&Q Energy

L&Q is one of the UK's leading housing associations and one of London's largest residential developers.

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Newport City Homes

NCH was formed a after stock transfer in March 2009 from the local authority Newport City Council. One of their first priorities was to improve Duffryn district heating system. The system had not had any major improvements since the properties were built in the 1970’s. The existing plant and underground pipe work had been serviced and maintained over the years and was in good condition.

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