2G is one of the leading suppliers of cogeneration (CHP) and consequently has specialized in high efficiency systems for natural gas and hydrogen in the power range between 20 and 2.500 kW electrical power. 2G serves a wide range of customers from manufacturing to municipalities, real estate industry, hospitals up to big utility companies., with the ability and experience of delivering turnkey projects.

Back in 2010, 2G designed an engine to run with 100% hydrogen and was installed in Berlin in 2012. All 2G engines are hydrogen enabled meaning they can run on natural gas now and then retrofitted to 100% hydrogen when available contributing to an organisations carbon zero targets.

The company actions are mainly focused on the multitude of satisfied clients around the world. They confirm the quality and performance of 2G products are on the basis of company’s international success. The 2G group already installed several units throughout the UK in the past to gain experience with the local market. In the fall of 2011, 2G Energy Ltd was founded in order to be even closer to the customers and particularly to de-centralize the service support to this area. Colleagues with years of experience work on the maintenance of existing units here to set the course for a successful presence in the growing UK market.


2G Energy Ltd
Unit 1 Sycamore Court
Warrington Road, Runcorn

Tel.: +44 1928 718533