Communal Energy Partners manages district heating systems or energy centres on high end residential and commercial developments.

Communal Energy Partners believe their offering is unique in that they offer 100% financial, technical and management liability transfer for the procurement of energy, payment of utilities, issuing of bills and debt recovery. They are responsible for the procurement and payment of gas utilities, maintenance of the Mbus, meters, data management, credit and debt management, call centre facilities, engineering support and call outs issuing and collecting bills/revenue, legal and accountancy costs etc. They typically require a 5/10 year agreement with the freeholder to reflect the long term flexible gas purchasing they undertake.

On new projects they work with the design team and construction team to ensure the heating, cooling, water and AMR meter installations are specified and installed/commissioned correctly.

On existing scheme they often work with estates and construction teams and proactively manage sorting out problems with the metering and heating systems so they have a properly functioning system.

They manage high end district heating schemes in the Northwest and London. Clients include Grosvenor, Ballymore, Braemar, Beetham, Galliard Homes and Brook Macdonald fund. They also provide services to NHH, TVHA and MHT housing associations. Communal Energy Partners’ business model, which should not be confused with simple billing agent services who offer no liability for paying utility bills or debt or revenue collection. They accept director level bespoke services on their schemes on work in close collaboration with their clients.

A copy of our downloadable brochure will give you a flavour of our service offering and is available from

Benefits to the Developer

• Financial Risks for energy billings and recovery 100% outsourced
• Energy costs recovered outside the service charge and S20 LVT
• Reduced management time and administration
• Reduced Labour hours in physically reading 300-700 units per scheme per month
• No longer responsible for metre data accuracy and records
• No longer responsible for meter maintenance/Engineer call outs
• Possibility of reduced CO2
• Director level personal contact in dealing with energy management issues
• No / low capital outlay
• Impartial technical advice
• Low cost electricity when applying CHP

Benefits to the Residents

• Residents pay for real consumption using modern billing and payment systems
• Energy costs recovered outside of servive charge on a transparent as used basis
• Convenient payment methods
• One telephone number for all residents enquiries relating to billings queries, meter payment, or meter queries
• Dedicated call centre for queries and payments


Tel: +44 (0)203 589 2806

Email:  [email protected]