SUEZ provides a highly effective pipe cleaning technique called Ice Pigging™ where ice slurry is moved through the network to remove unwanted material, sediment, or product residues from the pipe. We also provide tailored advice, guidance and analysis for closed water systems through our Latis Scientific laboratory.

Ice Pigging™

Ice Pigging™ is a patented process for cleaning the inside of pipes using a pumpable ice slurry. It is fast, extremely effective, and requires no chemicals.

When commissioning district heating or cooling networks, all newly laid pipes have to be cleared of sediment and particulate contaminants before the system can be made operational. Cleaning these out with conventional methods such as water flushing can take several weeks and require significant amounts of power and chemicals.

Ice Pigging™ produces equivalent results to solid pigging, without any of the associated challenges; the ice can navigate complex pipework including diameter restrictions, bends, valve systems and other obstructions with no risk of becoming stuck. It can also be inserted and removed from the network using existing fill and drain vents.

Ice Pigging™ can be used as part of the commissioning process on new networks, or as a maintenance technique on existing pipework.

Ice Pigging™ is generally applied on larger bore pipes (between 40 and 500mm); therefore it is most commonly used on below ground pipework running between the energy centre and plant rooms.

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 Laboratory analysis and investigation

SUEZ, through our Latis Scientific laboratory, specialises in investigation, analysis and monitoring services related to water quality within buildings, industries and recreational water facilities. Our services cover domestic hot and cold water systems, drinking water systems and cooling towers.

We provide tailored advice, guidance and analysis for closed water systems, with independent results from a UKAS accredited (ISO 17025) laboratory.

Our services are used to provide assurance of compliance to regulatory standards including BSRIA BG29, BSRIA BG50 and Discharge Consents.

We provide the analytical requirements of the BSRIA guidelines for pre-commissioning cleaning of pipework systems and ongoing routine monitoring, including full reports and further investigative work through our consultancy team.

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