Their expertise is spread over the entire energy stream, from generation to final consumption they are working together to build a future that uses energy responsibly. They provide solutions from smart grid metering to intelligent heating controls. Ranging from Australia to the UK, from R&D to post sales service, from grid metering to thermostatic controls they promise to work together and be agile and responsible in whatever they do.


Communication devices are the link between electronic energy meters and base computer software for remote collection of meter data. These devices are designed to work on a range of wireless/ wired communication media like GSM/ GPRS/ LPR/ RS485 etc. Read More

CT/VT-operated meters

CT/VT operated meters or instrument transformer operated meters are installed for metering HT (HV) consumers and utility feeders. These meters are high precision and are installed for billing and also for energy audit purposes. Read More…

Data concentrator

Data concentrator. Read More…

Demand controllers

Demand controller is an electrical energy meter with a control function. These meters monitor the demand, usually at a 30 minute interval, and change the built-in relay status. These relays when connected to loads can switch on and off based on pre-configured demand settings. Read More…

Demand Side Management

Demand Side Management (DSM) is a step taken by power utilities that influence the energy consumption and its pattern by the end consumers. This includes actions targeting reduction of peak demand or reduction of energy consumed during periods when energy supply network are at stress. Read More…

Direct connected electricity meters

Direct connected implies the fact that the entire load current in the electrical circuit passes through the meter. These energy meters are installed for single and three phase supply connection types with different current ratings. Read More…

Distribution Transformer Meters

Distribution transformer is a profit centre for any power distribution company and is the point where power exchange between supplier and consumer takes place. Hence it is essential to measure the energy flow for energy audit and analysis purposes. Read More…

Energy Monitoring software

With increase in environment consciousness and spiralling energy costs, it is more important than ever to monitor energy use and attempt to reduce it. These energy monitoring software help businesses to monitor and save energy. Read More…

Gas Meters

Gas meters offer comprehensive energy management and billing information that can drive consumer behaviour towards cost and energy reduction. They benefit both the energy suppliers and the grid operators in maintaining overall system. Read More…


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