Mittel Fjärrvärme AB is a Swedish company specialised in helping energy companies build and maintain reliable and economical distribution pipe systems. More than two decades of hands-on experience and sole focus on eliminating the weak points in its client’s networks has allowed Mittel to develop technologies that dramatically extends the useful life of pre-insulated pipes.

Mittel’s core product range consists of three solutions:

  • Mittel TSC®: A safe, flexible and easy-to- use method for electro-welding PE muffs on pre-insulated pipes. Mittel TSC makes joints that are as strong and durable as the pipe. Joints often corrode due to pressure, damp and wear, resulting in huge energy losses and costly repairs, but with Mittel TSC this can be kept at a minimum. Mittel TSC contributes to more reliable district energy systems, fuel savings and reduced CO 2 emissions.
  • Mittel Pipeguard™ is the world’s most competent system for around the clock surveillance of pre-insulated pipes. Obtaining comprehensive knowledge about the state of your networks has never been so easy. Through the web browser in your computer, tablet or smartphone, it is now possible to quickly assess the overall status of the network, as well as analyse current and historical trends for a given pipe section.
  • Stateview® is a powerful system for localising leakages in district energy systems. It operates much like a portable radar, sending electrical signals along the pipes. Stateview enables saving and analysing any number of measurements for each pipe and makes it possible to compare measurement data from multiple years. Industry leading tools for collection, analysis and verification of data enables you to carry out repairs with confidence and unparalleled precision.

With more than 25 years of experience we have learned that district energy requires a complete approach before it can become profitable and quality assured. The reliability of your network depends on more than selecting the right products; installation and maintenance is of equal importance. Coming from Scandinavia, where district energy has been steadily growing for the last 40 years and delivers heat to more than 50% of the population, we feel obliged to share our know-how with the expanding UK industry. We want to give you the opportunity to apply proven solutions and best practises right from the start. That is why we at Mittel also offer quality installation and maintenance services, including –

  • Installation of joints (new projects and repairs)
  • Fault location and alarm surveys
  • Around the clock surveillance of District Energy schemes
  • Pipeline commissioning measurements
  • Warranty control measurements
  • Maintenance of alarm systems
  • Consulting (incl. complex design of alarm systems)
  • Repairs of alarm systems

Mittel Fjärrvärme AB was founded in 1990, with headquarters in Umeå, northern Sweden. Customers are mainly energy companies, such as Vattenfall, E.ON, Fortum, Veolia an others. We also collaborate closely with pipe suppliers, installation companies and general contractors to bring quality assured products and services to energy producers across the world.


Industrivägen 22
901 30 Umeå

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Fax: 090-14 45 57

E-mail: [email protected]