Joining the UKDEA and Types of Membership

We welcome new members from all parts of the sector or those interested in entering the sector who want to find out more.

We are not an exclusive club for one type or size of member, so whether you are a Large Business, SME or Micro Business or a public sector organisation please do consider joining the association. The benefits to members and ways to get involved are here.

We offer two levels of membership, Full Membership and Associate Membership as set out below. The majority of our members are Associate Members simply as a result of the structure of the sector so whatever your size or ownership structure please do contact us to get involved.

If you would like to join the UKDEA please complete the Membership Information Request Form below. We will send you a full membership application form including a copy of the UKDEA’s Constitution and the Rules of the Association and respond to any questions you have raised.

UKDEA Membership Information Request Form

    Where did you find out about the UKDEA and why would you like to join?