Heat Consumption Billing

Distribute costs fairly

With ista, everyone pays only what they have consumed. Whether it is at the apartment heat meter or our innovative Heat Cost Allocator (radiator) meter, we calculate each tenant’s bills and ensure regulatory compliance. Our systems deliver a flexibility to match your organisational hierarchy and allow your tenants to receive their bills in a numbers of convenient forms. We give you confidence and transparency in the full settlement of your community or district heating across your buildings and whole estate.

The advantage of using our energy bills

  • Clear and complete settlement of all operating costs per building per tenant
  • Legally compliant, easy to follow individual bills for tenants
  • Large billing accuracy and automated quality checks
  • Tailored billing formats and delivery options to meet with your requirements
  • Expert advice and guidance on billing for both you and your tenants

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government backed incentive for the generation and use of heat from sustainable sources through Biomass, heat pumps, solar thermal and bio-methane.

ista benefits to you in RHI

ista is a heat metering and service company with over 100 years experience.  We can ensure your RHI schemes are efficient and well managed through transparency of your schemes meter data. ista can:

  • Supply a full range of approved class 2 heat and water meters
  • Remote data collection ensuring scheme efficiency and maximising revenues; readings can be  up to 15 minute values
  • Web access to automated readings on all meters, consumption, flow and temperature
  • Automatic alarms via email and SMS when out of tolerance performance occurs, providing proactive maintenance, reducing down time and maximising feed in revenue.
  • Automatic upload of readings to DECC for tariff payments
  • Tenant billing for schemes supplying heat to different people and areas with the scheme

Heat Data Exchange

Simple data transmission

Do you have real estate software and are frequently annoyed about how much time you take to exchange, book and archive billing data? Shouldn’t the entire operation be much faster? And more secure? And without transmission errors? We therefore recommend you our comprehensive and efficient solutions for data transfer and data integration which optimise the entire billing process at the interface between your software solution and our billing system – securely, quickly and of course without paper. A definite advantage for you and the environment.

With the data exchange function, instead of paper user and cost lists, you send us a file containing all the billing data of your properties by e-mail or on an electronic data carrier:

  • Data on tenants moving in and out
  • Floor area figures
  • Prepayments made
  • Heating costs
  • Ancillary costs

ista Webportal

Experience more information, cost effectiveness and success

A simple calculation – and one that works perfectly with the ista web portal. Using the portal, you can very conveniently view all billing information, search the documents of recent years and place orders online.

Call up information, right down to the device level of individual user units. Always keep an eye on energy consumption and energy costs and discover energy savings potential. It’s high time that you also benefited from the advantages of the ista web portal.


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