With bases in London and Peterborough, Insite provide metering and billing services nationwide, with a diverse mix of prepayment and credit billing solutions which can be tailored to your needs.

In-life operation includes:

  • Customer and client mobilisation by our dedicated Onboarding Team
  • Tariff setting: to ensure the fairest tariffs for customers whilst also guaranteeing the recovery of heat supply costs.
  • Debt management solutions
  • Network efficiency reviews,
  • Plant room, HIU, and in-property maintenance.

Insite provide support to heat suppliers throughout the lifecycle of a heat network, offering supply, installation, and commissioning of metering solutions in both new-build and retrofit developments. With a CHAS-certified team of engineers, Insite liaise with contractors, consultants, and developers, to ensure the correct design and implementation of metering systems is achieved.

With a 4.7-Star Trustpilot rating, Insite has a proven track record of providing excellent customer and client service. Insite currently serve over 25,000properties spread across more than 200 UK heat networks operated by over 60 Clients.

Insite Energy is accredited with ISO 9001, CHAS, FCA and is compliant with Heat Trust guidelines. We are also active members of the ADE, UKDEA, HNIC, ARMA and UKAA.

Metering & Billing Solutions

Insite Energy offer a range of credit and prepayment metering & billing services. Through a consultation process, we will help you select the most appropriate solution for your scheme considering a number of elements such as tenure, size, budget, and regulatory requirements.

Insite have a dedicated customer helpdesk open 9am-8:30pm Mondays-Fridays and 9am-5:30pm on Saturdays, offering the longest opening times in the industry. We have multiple communication channels available such as webchat to allow customers to get in touch whichever way is most convenient to them.

Introducing KURVE

Insite, together with SAV Systems, launched KURVE in 2019, the first-to-market digital smart metering and prepayment web-app for heat networks. Our innovative award-nominated solution comes at an affordable cost to both the installer, developer, and consumer, due to its CapEx and OPEX savings of up to 56% and 17% over established PAYG alternatives. In doing so KURVE makes energy data easily accessible, while protecting against debt risk. With reduced equipment requirements, KURVE also minimises long-term RepEx with less equipment to maintain and replace.

Additional Services

As experts in resident communications and tariff setting, we are able to significantly reduce heat debt for our customers. We achieve this through a variety of debt recovery services available across all of our billing solutions. For credit billed customers this includes the setting of direct debits and payment plans, through to debt recovery and enforcement. We can also assist in the retrofitting of individual PAYG units to replace existing credit metering systems, and the set-up of debt recovery plans for prepayment customers.

Where regulations or other factors call for retrofit installations or upgrades, we understand that not all landlords have readily available access to the funds required for this type of work. In these situations, Insite can help. We offer finance to clients installing new assets, allowing upfront investment costs to be paid off over time. This enables you to find the best solution for you and your scheme, rather than being led by the cheapest solutions that may not deliver all of the required benefits.

Site Management and Maintenance

As well as support with specifying and deploying the best solution for each scheme, Insite provide ongoing maintenance and support services. Our in-house maintenance team provides services for all aspects of heat networks, from energy centres through to HIUs within individual properties. With flexible service propositions available, we aim to ensure all of the heat networks within our portfolio are effectively managed throughout their full lifecycle, from installation to replacement.


The regulatory environment is highly complex, and continuously and rapidly changing. 2020 marked significant changes to the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations introduced in 2014, requiring detailed reporting to government and the provision of individual customer meters giving precise and transparent heat usage data. Insite can provide guidance to the regulations, ensuring compliance with all associated requirements. As part of our tariff setting services, we offer support in complying with the legally-required 4-yearly BEIS notification.


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