Ingoodnic are specialist suppliers of pre-insulated heating and cooling distribution pipes. Established in 2011, our focus is to specialise in quality pipe products, whilst ensuring their suitability for the correct application. At Ingoodnic Ltd we have in-house capabilities to cut and distribute pipework quickly.

We offer a wide range pre insulated pipes from our UK stock, with next day delivery as standard. We promote the use of fully polymer heat networks using a hybrid of PEx and PPR pipes. FibreFlex and FibreFlex PRO are the next generation of PEx pipes, offering higher temperatures and pressures. FibreFlex PRO is a fully bonded system suitable up to 115 °C at 16bar, available up to 160mm in coil long 150m. FibreFlex also has excellent insulation values with lower heat loss than standard PUR PE-Xa systems. From start to finish we offer one point of contact for your whole project.


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