HermeticaBlack is a specialist in the investment, development and asset management of energy projects.

We deliver decentralised energy generation assets and energy efficiency projects to create revenue, save cost and reduce carbon emissions. Our clients are real estate developers, property owners and infrastructure investors.

These projects include:

Heating and cooling networks
Utilities and power
On site generation
Energy efficiency
ESCo creation

We work with our clients and partners to:

Develop an energy strategy which creates greatest value to core business operations;
Identify and structure projects to deliver the strategy;
Procure best-in-class, bespoke teams and supply chain partners;
Manage the development, construction and operation of projects to deliver carbon savings and optimise returns while reducing and mitigating risks;
Track and optimise operational and financial performance;
Identify and secure external funding.

We are independent, technology agnostic, and have experience working at city, portfolio or building level.


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