HEATWEB has been at the forefront of design in heat networks, thermal stores, and plate heat exchanger systems for over 25 years, delivering tens of thousands of domestic and commercial end users with the best in quality and performance.

We provide the tools, experience, and engineers, to achieve optimum efficiency and net-zero for all types of HVAC system or heat network.

We remove complexity, cost and time, through the use of well established best practices, offering training and assistance at any level.

From the HEAT BANK Thermal Store, to the DATA Heat Interface Unit, the engineers at HEATWEB have been resposible for delivering a number of ground-breaking technologies, over many years.

In 2023 we plan to go a step further, bringing the results of our funded SBRI project to market in the form of open-source control, monitoring & alarming for HVAC equipment & heat networks.

HEATWEB BEMS offers turn-key solutions, combining the best controls logic the industry has ever seen, with the ultimate open-source systems for observing and alarming,

But don’t take our word for it. The results speak for themselves.

From the Excel Centre to the Barbican, the National Trust to Swansea University, HEATWEB are achieving what nobody else can.

HEATWEB offer a selected range of services designed to ensure heat networks and HVAC systems are fit for purpose and ready for acceptance testing and hand-over:

  • HIU Commissioning
  • Central Heating Balancing
  • Substation Commissioning
  • Water Quality
  • Air Handling Controls Setup
  • Operational Systems

The commissioning services we provide are built on many years running front line support as manufacturers of thermal stores, substations and HIUs. We place a heavy focus on transparency and procedure, putting in place the checks required to ensure quality control and perfect outcomes.

In addition to hands on commissioning, we also offer on-site training in any area, and at any level. This can be a useful check to ensure engineers are aware of the latest guidance and standards.

HEATWEB offer a selected range of equipment designed to simplify the control and monitoring of heat networks and HVAC systems.

  • HEATWEB BEMS Controllers
  • HNES Monitoring Equipment
  • Retro-Fit Heat Metering
  • Wireless Sensing Kits
  • Existing BMS Integration

The design and selection of equipment we supply comes from years supporting manufacturers on the front line, where data and results matter and licences are an obstruction. In 2022, the lack of visibility in the industry at large resulted in our systems being funded under SBRI to put in place approved and working open-source control for HVAC systems, with a view to achieving net-zero. Systems have been used on a range of projects including the Excel Centre, the Barbican, and the National Trust with outstanding results.

HEATWEB offer a selected range of robust commercial services designed for operational purposes, where reliable connectivity and reporting are required.

  • Remote Connectivity
  • Remote Administration
  • Time-Series Data Storage
  • Visualisation
  • Alarming
  • Fault Resolution

The processes, software and systems we utilise for clients are all selected with the aim of providing resiliance to both the system and the client. We avoid the use of bespoke or closed software and systems, instead leveraging the power of open-source standards for security, databasing and visualisation. While we setup and manage services for clients, they can be confident that the systems we provide allow them to take matters in-house should they so desire, free from commercial licences.


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