ENWA Water Technology UK are sole providers of the EnwaMatic sidestream filtration and water treatment units for closed heating and cooling systems.

The units are a direct and competitive replacement for water treatment chemicals and provide filtration of the system water down to less than 5 microns whilst treating the water providing corrosion and scale control. They substantially reduce maintenance requirements for systems and are suitable for both new build and retrofitting to existing systems.

The key benefits would be:

  • To provide effective and continuously maintained corrosion protection to the existing Boiler/CHW plant and heat interface units increasing their lifespan.
  • Removal of particles to a very fine size will prevent fouling of heat exchangers & strainers, maintaining correct flow rates and protecting heat transfer efficiency.
  • Improved reliability – preventing blockages or damage to components at the interface units avoids time consuming and disruptive reactive maintenance.
  • Removal of excess hardness prevents scale deposition on heat exchange surfaces – in particular the boiler. Scale formation will reduce heat transfer efficiency, restrict water flows and generate additional suspended solids.
  • Protects energy efficiency. Data collected from refurbishment case studies has shown reductions of 6‐8% in energy consumption in cleaned systems.
  • Effective side stream filtration greatly assists any other upgrades, such as new control valves – ensuring sensitive flow settings are not disrupted by particle impingement. (Ref: BSRIA guidelines for Pre‐Commissioning Cleaning)
  • A green and safe alternative to traditional chemical dosing, storage and routine testing.
  • The treated water is clear and colourless with a particle content equivalent to potable water; Lowering the risk of the building interiors being exposed to potentially damaging staining, from corrosion/scale by‐products, toxic chemicals and dyes should there be leakage due to routine maintenance works on the distribution pipework.

The EnwaMatic units have been utilised in many district heating systems throughout the UK, we have units successfully treating systems containing over a million litres of water. The list of clients continues to grow and includes Vital Energi, E.On, British Gas, SSE, Aberdeen City Council, Warwick University, Glasgow University, Dundee City Council, Lambeth Council, Portmerion Village and Ceredigion Council.


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