Our roots stretch all the way back to 1858, when the Universal Suez Canal Company was founded.

All those years of powering homes, hospitals, universities and more, make us global leaders in energy. We’re expert gas and electricity suppliers, and sustainable energy producers. We’re the number-one independent power producer in the world.

Today, EQUANS is made up of over 150,000 people. Across the globe, we’re working hard to bring you fuss-free energy.

You could say we’re globetrotters. At this very minute we’re supplying energy to homes and businesses in 70 countries across five continents.

Across the UK, we provide low-carbon energy to hospitals from Liverpool to Leeds, Birmingham to Southampton. We’re constructing solar power facilities in Peru. We even sustainably heat the 3000 homes and businesses in London’s Olympic Park. Near or far, there are few places where we aren’t innovating.

What does that mean to you? Well, since we’re trusted the world over, it’s safe to say you’d be in good company if you joined us.

When it comes to supplying energy, providing reliably great service is our priority. That’s why businesses the world over trust us.

More than most, businesses need to keep running smoothly. Even a small power outage can have huge consequences. So we make sure that our clients, like the NHS and local councils, can rely on us day in day out.

But powering your home is just as important to us, because we understand how important it is to you. So we’ll make sure we give you just the same award-winning level of service.