Eneteq Services Ltd. are a specialist pre-insulated pipe design and installation contractor.

They work collaboratively with their clients to ensure their product is engineered to suit the required conditions and environment. Their experience of working with developers, energy companies and private organisations ensure the solution is efficient, economical and deliverable exceeding the highest industry standards.


Eneteq Services have significant experience in the design and delivery of heat networks. Having an active involvement in some of the most prestigious and technically demanding projects they are able to draw on a wealth of experience which when combined with the in house support of a market leading pipe manufacturer really adds value to their customers.

With additional experience they have specifically including Energy Service Companies (ESCo) their establishment, commercial modelling, project finance, legal contracts and regulation they are able to support their client through the stages preceding design ensuring the project is both commercial viable, optimized and technically deliverable.

Having designed and installed thousands of Kilometers of pre insulated pipe they can foresee and navigate around the problems before they arise and assist the developer in integrating a heat network into their project.


Combined-heat-power Eneteq Services design heat networks and pre insulated pipe installations. With the support of their associate pipe manufacturer we have access to the latest software design tools to assist their practical understanding and approach. They pay considerable attention to the more practical matters of pipe integration within the development and installation methodology to ensure the most commercially viable and technically robust solution is achieved.

Their down to earth simplistic view and interpretation of the more complex technical theory ensures their clients are well briefed and informed throughout the process.


Eneteq’s key differentiator is their ability to deliver the projects they design to market leading quality standards. Working flexibly around the client/developers programme they integrate their site based delivery into the overall project with minimal effect on site operations.

They have in house resources trained on site and at the Powerpipe factory to the highest industry standards who are able to uphold market leading installation quality. They appreciate the investment our clients make in their assets and the expectation of product life which can only be provisioned with care and attention to detail.


Handing over the right solution to you, means a solution that is fit for purpose and set to outlast its warranty. Their Commissioning service ensures that they follow the step by step process in handing over your solution.

Eneteq Services accurately record all pipe and joint positions and adopt a comprehensive on site non-destructive testing regime that upholds the factory based product quality control.


Term maintenance agreements are available for all of their installed pipe systems and even those installed by others. Typical agreements provision periodic planned preventative inspection and supporting routine maintenance to permit early identification of underlying faults before they develop into critical service affecting issues. All planned maintenance inspections are supported by relevant periodic certification and reports applicable to the pipe or plant concerned.

Leak Detection Surveys and Reporting

Eneteq install, maintain and repair monitoring systems for leak detection. They use these systems to support identification of leak locations and ultimately any required repairs.

Leak detection techniques are planned, recorded and presented back to the client in an informed manner that make the reports mean something, our testing methods include thermo graphic surveys, hydraulic testing and resistance measurement.

ESCo Consultants

At Eneteq they have a combined 25 years’ experience gained working in and for Energy Service Companies. They understand what an Energy Service Company demand of any given heat network both commercially and technically to ensure project returns are in line with pre-installation commercial models and unwanted surprises are avoided. Eneteq work with you drawing on their vast project experience to add tangible solutions that enhance the scheme involved.

To this specific ESCo experience they add 25 years of commercial contracting and installation to ensure their proposals are deliverable and realistic.


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Tel: +44 (0)1327 770710

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Website: http://www.eneteq.co.uk/