Energy Billing provides a range of pre-payment and energy metering products and services that are cost-effective and convenient for everyone involved.

The team at Energy Billing has worked in the industry for many years. We know what can happen, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we’ve been able to make sure that our range of pre-payment and energy metering products and services truly work in real life scenarios – all the time. We’ve taken our years of knowledge and experience and we’ve applied it to the products we design ourselves.

The simple truth is that when someone makes a payment on a pre-payment or pay as you go system, it always has to work. There can be no excuses. Failure is not an option. Understanding this, we’ve designed all our products to cover every eventuality. Payments made by the end user will reach their property remotely, normally within minutes via the multitude of payment methods we provide. However, in addition, each payment also creates its own back up PIN which can be entered manually should it be required. This means that no matter what happens, money can be loaded on to the system. Our systems are flexible, easy, work every time and meet our customers’ needs.

Our first port of call is and always will be making sure that end users have access to heating and hot water. Everything else is secondary. We still place a great deal of emphasis on aesthetics, tamper-proofing, ease of commissioning and support, but the design of our devices starts with the area that matters most. We’ve made reliability a priority, and we’ve achieved this through our years of understanding where things can go wrong.


One of the reasons many of our customers come back to us is because our products do exactly what our customers expect them to do. There are no hidden surprises, no false promises and no unnecessary delays. Our service and support comes directly from our desire to make the industry better, eradicating many of the avoidable problems and sharing our expertise with our customers to ensure they always have the best solution for their job.

We believe in what we do. We haven’t just made pre-payment and metering devices, we’ve utilised our vast experience, tapped into our tried and tested methods and we’ve brought to the market products that actually work all the time, backed up by our continuous efforts to keep them technically up to date with our over air update facility.

We have been involved with District Heating schemes for many years and we’ve helped to create dozens of reliable systems that have efficiently heated homes, and have also provided revenue protection and cashflow management.

We care about ensuring that energy providers get a system installed they don’t have to worry about and end users get a device they can rely on. That’s what we do all the time, and that’s what we pride ourselves on doing well.

Whatever stage of your project you’re at, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.