WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT ELYSATOR UK Ltd has changed its company name to IWTM-UK Ltd. This name change came into effect on 6th December 2022.

The first three years of Elysator’s presence in the UK has witnessed an increased use of chemical free water treatment for domestic, commercial, and large industrial heating and cooling applications.

During this time, we have had particular success with large volume networks and systems that operate on low and intermittent flow. This has been recognised both by the many blue-chip clients who have installed our systems and by respected professional bodies. CIBSE confirm within CP1 Heat Networks Code of Practice and the Heat Networks Design Guide that our methods are the best suited for systems of this type.

It is the successes we’ve enjoyed within this sector that have driven the change.

IWTM have been a partner of Elysator for more than 30 years and have offices in Norway, Finland, Sweden, USA, Canada, and a significant worldwide presence in the marine industry where our products have obtained DNV approval https:/www.dnv.com/maritime

Having successfully used IWTM’s industrial products alongside Elysator’s domestic and light commercial range and in recognition of our increasing presence in the commercial and industrial market we have decided to effect a change which will allow us to offer both solutions. We believe that in doing so we will be able to maintain and build upon our position at the forefront of effective chemical-free water treatment.

Despite the name change, our commitment to providing best in class product and service remains the same. The broader range and our ongoing commitment to product design and development ensures we can continue to meet this standard for an even wider host of scenarios and environments, selecting the ideal solution for each.

IWTM-UK will remain as the UK partner of Elysator, and we will continue to supply their products and support existing installations.

These are very exciting times for us. The flexibility will help to meet the continuing demand for cleaner, more sustainable corrosion protection, an area in which we see the expert application of electrochemistry as key.

Our proven technology engineers optimum environments for the efficient operation of these systems now and in the future.

We call it Water by Design.


David Whitfield EngTech LCIBSE

Managing Director