Bouygues Energies and Services have an established and dedicated energy performance contracting and renewables project delivery business: staffed by experienced and qualified professionals covering energy engineering development and design; project management; contract development and management; measurement; verification; and operational service provisions.

We benefit from access to the wider Bouygues Group’s capabilities, including procurement, legal, technical facilities management and specialist engineering services.  The Public Sector is our core area of business and we have vast experience in delivering projects which meet the objectives and aspirations of Participating Authorities. This is ratified by our record of leadership and consistent delivery of excellent performance and track record on other energy frameworks.

Our approach is agnostic to both technology and suppliers ensuring a ‘best-in-class’ selection to meet specific project needs. We are currently involved in multiple innovative projects integrating different energy reduction and renewable energy technologies.

The Swaffham Prior Heat Network, currently being developed by Bouygues E&S for Cambridgeshire County Council is a ‘first of a kind’ renewable heat network, serving a whole village with renewable heat, generated centrally by ground-source and air-source heat pumps. The network comprises buried pipework, connecting a new energy centre with 300+ properties. The ground-source heat pumps capture energy from the boreholes and air-source from the ambient air. This is then ‘upgraded’ using refrigeration circuits in the heat pumps to provide heat and hot water. Significant carbon emission reductions are anticipated due to the removal of individual building oil-fired boilers. A permanent power connection from North Angle Solar Farm (a Bouygues E&S scheme, just a few kilometres away) has been developed in parallel, providing renewable electricity to run the truly renewable energy centre. Bouygues E&S assisted our customer to secure a grant in excess of £2.5m from the UK Government’s HNIP scheme for the project. The UK Government sees this project as a key demonstrator for the low-carbon transition of rural communities, as well as highlighting the potential of different natures of heat network in the transition.

We are currently developing the final designs for a 15-Site Solar PV Portfolio in the UK with a Private Client, with a combined capacity of almost 600MW. Having delivered the largest operational Solar Farm in the UK of 75MWp, which was delivered, commissioned, and energised during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are also at advanced stages of development for a micro-grid scheme for Cambridgeshire CC − Babraham Road Park & Ride. This includes a 2.8MWp solar carport array, 2.5MW/5MWh battery energy storage system, electric vehicle chargers, smart LED lighting and controls. The project is expected to generate a long-term revenue stream for Cambridgeshire County Council, as well as helping them to deliver on several strategic carbon goals.

BYES add value and deliver innovation through complex engineering projects in critical environments and pioneer emerging technologies and markets. While certain overarching goals are shared, our clients have unique challenges, objectives and aspirations. One of our key strengths is our long-term view of working with our customers.

In the UK, the Bouygues Group deliver in excess of £1.6bn of construction and services work per year, and deliver more than £400m into the existing built environment. A significant proportion of this is sub-contracted works and materials in relevant engineering activities. We benefit from the UK Group’s buying power and access preferential rates on key equipment, specialist services and subcontractors.

Bouygues invests heavily in innovation, with a dedicated central R&D team fostering start-ups, supporting SMEs in commercialisation, developing novel concepts through internal programmes and commercialising new products and solutions across the group. We forge partnerships with localised innovation hubs to source new technologies close to our projects. This approach often means Bouygues is first to market with innovative solutions. We source start-ups and innovations in cleantech companies through our “Makers” programme.

Our projects can be delivered with performance guarantees providing greater confidence in performance outcome and therefore return on investment. We also have experience in Smart Grid, Smart Building, Smart Cities and Smart Hospital solutions, all of which are in full operation, not simply in development as a theoretical possibility. We also deliver all project delivery for lifecycle and reactive maintenance within a £280m Facilities Management customer base in the UK, including 15 NHS Hospital Trusts.


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