We provide filtration equipment which protects heat exchangers, pumps and other vital equipment in district heating schemes.

The fully automatic filtration of our systems allows for continuous operation. There are also suitable for hard-to reach locations and come with connected filters.

Application areas of our backwash filters include:


Automatic filtration of sea water, cooling,process or sewage water in agriculture, maritime or further industries.

Fuel oil and lube oil

Automatic filtration of fuel and lube oil in power plants & maritime industry.

Coolants and washing liquids

Automatic filtration of coolants and washing liquids in metalworking and machining industry, automotive or beverage industry.

Looking for an automatic backwash filter that fits your specific needs?

We have a wide range of automatic filters to choose from, depending on your flow rate, grade of filtration, and type of fluid.

Fully automatic filtration

BOLLFILTER automatics allow the entire installation to be used without interruption or malfunction, and for extended periods of use. Filtration and filter self-cleaning are guaranteed, keeping operating costs low and avoiding production losses.