Founded in 1973, Aquatherm is the leading global manufacturer of PP-R pipe systems with partners in over 70 countries around the world, manufacturing over 38 million metres of pipe and over 40 million fittings annually. The numerous product lines provide superior solutions in potable water applications, heating systems, fire sprinkler systems, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, as well as in surface heating and cooling systems. The product range comprises more than 17,000 articles in six product lines.

Aquatherm is accredited by ISO 9001, 14001 & 50001 along with vaious national and international independent authorities and institutions confirm aquatherm‘s quality standard.

Aquatherm Ti : Thermally-Insulated District Heating & Cooling Pipe System

Aquatherm’s thermally insulated pipe system provides a safe and efficient method of transporting media whilst minimising heat loss or gain thus offering an energy and fuel-efficient solution for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Aquatherm is available in sizes from 32mm to 630mm and has many benefits over traditional systems –

1. Due to the smooth inner surfaces and the material’s resistance to residue adhesion, the calculated initial flow rates are sustained throughout the life cycle of the installation, thus resulting in no long-term deterioration in flow performance or pumping energy rises.

2. Aquatherm is connected by socket fusion, butt fusion or electrofusion – this eliminates any leak paths providing a jointing solution that will last the life of the pipe system (typically in excess of 50 / 100 years depending on system temperature / pressure information).

3. The thermal conductivity of Aquatherm PP-R is 0.15 W/mK, this offers a significantly higher degree of self-insulation compared to metal piping systems. Aquatherm also eliminates the risk of corrosion on the pipe surface from condensation occurring between the insulation and pipe wall.

4. Aquatherm pipes require very little energy to manufacture, generate virtually no pollution, contain no hazardous chemicals or VOCs are fully recyclable, making them ideal for green building initiatives (see our EPD certification for BREEAM / LEED information).

5. For buried systems, no expansion control is required. Due to the Aquatherm PP-R material properties, any expansion stress can be compensated by the material. This also provides additional strength in the event of any ground movements.

Aquatherm also offers pre-fabrication to customer’s own specifications and to meet bespoke site requirements.


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