About: Established near Stafford in 1988, Altecnic have built their reputation on supplying what their customers need now, while their dedicated technical team works on what is needed in the future. Development work by their European manufacturing partners Caleffi constantly anticipates new regulations and market trends.

While their image has changed to reflect the dynamism of the company, their beliefs and values remain the same: to offer market leading quality products to the plumbing and heating industry, delivered throughout the UK and Southern Ireland.

Their products and services are chosen by trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers, plumbing and heating engineers and specifiers. Their breadth and range of products, backed by relevant certification and approvals, mean you can be confident in your choice.

Their range covers commonly used components but includes specialist and rarely used parts, so you can depend on Altecnic being the only supplier you need.

But they’re fanatical about quality and service, too. Altecnic is proud to be both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and continue to work with our in-house technical designers to keep their products compliant with current and anticipated legislation. Altecnic are also a CarbonNeutral® company – the first in their industry.

They are the UK’s largest plumbing products supplier – and they never forget who they have to thank for it.

Heat Interface Units

The drive to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and to reduce our consumption of the finite fossil energy stores, not to mention the latest regulations, have pushed the modern building services engineer to design specific central plant designs that can allow for the easy and efficient integration of renewable energy sources, such as CHP, solar, heat pumps etc. With a central plant system, a reliable and efficient way of producing hot water, controlling the heating and metering of each individual flat, apartment or house needs to be found. The Altecnic range of Heat Interface Units (HIU’s), consumer modules and metering products, do just that.

The extensive range includes products for systems with centralised domestic water storage, instantaneous apartment based domestic water generation and apartment based combined cylinders and exchange units.

The latest intelligent heat interface units, the SATK range, really take apartment heat interface units to the next level. Their electronic control enables many significant features not found on other units including modulating heating circuit flow temperatures, direct and indirect heating versions, to compensate for weather conditions, remote unit isolation, via the internet and a safety pump bypass, to name just three. Their compact size and insulated enclosure mean that they’re easy to locate and extremely efficient.

Each HIU can be installed with a variety of energy meters, all MID approved and capable of communicating by MBus or radio for remote data collection and billing. Alternatively we have the Plurimod consumer unit or 789 Series remote metering module, intended for installation outside of the apartment and containing all the necessary meters, strainers and isolation equipment required to monitor and control individual apartments.


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