3D Technical Design Ltd has traded since 1992, and specialises in delivering 3D District Energy Network design solutions across both the Public and Private sectors; reducing costs and risk, whilst improving installation safety, management and quality.

Our Directors are David Underwood (Head of Network Design) who has pioneered the development of UK 3D network design, and Craig Grobety (Commercial Director) who has developed a strong reputation in Project and Commercial Management, professionally managing a variety of stakeholders whilst supporting the delivery and expansion of many of the UK’s award winning district energy schemes.

3D Technical Design Ltd possess an exceptional network of trusted design and project delivery consultants including Lee Smith who has over 30 years’ experience in Building Services and Design and heads up 3d Technical Design Ltd’s substation M&E design offering.

We recognise that at the very heart of every heat network project requires a long term collaborative, quality led, partnership model. We genuinely embrace this at the centre of all we achieve, and are proud of our individual and collective reputations in this regard.

The key to project success is engaging design early, and our teams are passionate about every opportunity we receive to demonstrate the long-term environmental, quality and financial benefits of such a progressive approach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and maintain 3D technical Design Ltd. as the UK’ s finest source of uncompromised, high quality design solutions within the district energy sector.

Together, we will achieve this mission with openness and honesty, and through the continued development of the very best engineering talent, operating at the centre of collaborative partnerships with both our customers and suppliers.

3D Technical Design Ltd’s – Key Services Include:

Route Proving:

Each network installation route presents technical and coordination challenges. These present both risks and opportunities in identifying viable options early, however without upfront 3D modelling can all too often be discovered late, during project delivery.

3D Technical Design Ltd’s Design and Project Engineers are experienced in working with developers, highways and utility companies to ensure that routes are both technically and commercially possible.

Project Planning and Feasibility Studies:

District Energy projects draw together a variety of stakeholders, who are often learning about District Energy technologies and their delivery processes for the first time.

3D Technical Design Ltd’s Project Planning and Management experts are experienced in advising many of the UK’s largest ESCO’s in the assessment and delivery of several of UK’s most complex projects.

3D Underground Design of District Heating and Cooling Networks:

Complex District Energy buried network delivery projects combines the safe handling and installation of 12m-16m length/wide diameter (typically 150mm-600mm) rigid steal pipe into trenches which can vary dramatically in depth and width.

In the absence of 3D network modelling and design, design and build solutions are priced and prepared with only a redline GA and available service drawings. This increases risk both commercially and from a safety perspective, and does not align with BIM II collaborative working.

3D Network modelling:

  • Facilitates early Collaboration in accordance with BIM II.
  • Places the focus on quality — The long term value and risk in District Energy Schemes is within their buried networks.
  • Reduces project risk and cost.
  • Improves; Quality, Control, Planning, and Safety.
  • Facilitates informed tender processes, leading to savings of up to 25% against traditional forms of delivery.
  • Reduces system stresses and failure points.
  • Improves Quality Assurance and documented Change Management.
  • Is essential for improving the management of temporary works.

Trench, Weld Point and Chamber Design.

3D Technical Design Ltd produce construction drawings setting out the the trench depth and weld positions for the optimum network route through GPR scanned buried services. This process is particularly effective in controlling the risk associated with buried services and improving quality of the installation process.

Expansion and Stress Calculations.

3D Technical Design Ltd will always design a network to minimise thermal stresses. Designs are supported by detailed stress analysis. 3D Technical Design Ltd’s modelling, allows for the use of curved pipes in averting services. This allows for more shallow installation and reduces the use of angled bends which significantly increases network stress. 3D Substation Design. 3D Technical Design Ltd offer a full District Energy solution, which allows all parties to focus on their core competency. 3D Technical Design Ltd produce 3D substation designs in accordance with BIM II including; Heat Exchanger specification and sizing, controls specification and strategy, M&E schematics and Substation General Assemblies.

BIM II Compliance.

Compliant 3D layering and modelling is a central part of the BIM II design process. 3D Technical Design Ltd’s engineers are also BRE accredited BIM II Members, trained in collaborative information flow.

Stakeholder and Commercial Management.

Community Energy Projects operate over substantial time frames (often in excess of 40 years), and at the very heart of all successful projects is professional and collaborative stakeholder and commercial management.

3D Technical Design Ltd’s Commercial Consultants are trained and accredited Practitioners under; Prince II, MSP, Agile PM and IACCM.

Iterative Design Process

3D Technical Design Ltd’s best-practice iterative design process sets out how best to plan the effective delivery of a network installation project. As with all engineering processes, the greater the early investment in design, stakeholders and planning, the greater the control of project cost, programme and quality.


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