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Colloide is a highly skilled process engineering company, with specialist skills in energy, environmental, water treatment and facilities engineering solutions.


Clever Energy

Clever Energy Ltd delivers an outstanding billing service for providers of communal and district heating networks.

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CPC District Heating LTD

For over 40 years CPC Civils have been carrying out the civil engineering element of District Heating Networks and more recently have been carrying out projects as Principle Contractor and supplying and installing the pipe network, it was therefore a natural progression to form CPC District Heating to give the customer and the projects the focus and attention that this sector needs whilst ensuring that the 40 years experience gained in the industry is retained.

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Uniper Energy

As a global owner operator in the energy sector and a leading expert in district heating, we’re keen to share our experience and partner with you to offer energy solutions of the future. We strive to deliver decarbonized solutions for you underpinned by our greener customer initiatives.

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VRM Technology Limited

VRM was founded in 2012 by a team with over 60 years’ experience in energy, software, construction and government, Using cloud-based technologies, VRM provides objective views of assets in a structured, auditable and real-time environment.

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JGD District Heating

JGD combined management and contractors operations experience collectively exceeds 200 years.

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Vital Energi Utilities Ltd

Vital Energi is the market leader in sustainable energy generation, distribution and energy reduction solutions. We create and deliver superior quality sustainable energy solutions that cut energy bills, are kind to the environment and provide security of supply.

Vital Energi Utilities Ltd2020-10-16T11:32:06+00:00

SW Energy Limited

SW Energy manages district heating systems or energy centres on high end residential and commercial developments.

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SSE Utility Solutions Limited

SSE Enterprise invests in and develops a wide range of distributed energy solutions for industrial, commercial and public sector markets across the UK and Ireland. One of our principal markets is Heat Networks, where we offer services to build, own, operate and maintain networks to both private and public sector clients, offering significant investment of our own.

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PT Contractors Ltd

P T Contractors Limited, founded in 1984, is a well-established, family run, multi-disciplinary Building and Civil Engineering company. They believe that their long-term association with many of their clients, and their repeat business with, is testament to their success in building good, collaborative, working relationships.

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