SHEco Renewable Systems Ltd offer heating and/or cooling packaged solutions utilising the latest renewable technologies, whilst maximising energy efficiency and system resilience.

Why choose SHEco?

• Fully qualified team of experts
• Vast experience in various types of renewable energy
• In-house project specific design to meet your business needs
• Advice and guidance to ensure you are provided the best bespoke solution within your current infrastructure
• Comprehensive after-sales support including service, maintenance and remote monitoring.

Our Services

• Heat Pumps: For many renewable/low carbon systems, the highly effective heat pump technology is one of the vital ingredients. SHEco Renewable Systems has been active in tailoring these unsung heroes of energy efficiency to the needs of renewable technology.
• Solar Thermal: SHEco Renewable Systems can delivery bespoke packages to meet their customers exact requirements, taking into account all aspects of ownership and project requirements.
• Borehole Technology: Our expert team will conduct a detailed feasibility study to assess and recommend the best solution to meet your requirements.
• Combined Heat and Power: We are specialists in the highly efficient process of cogeneration.
• Solar PV: Our installations captures the sun’s power and convert it into electricity. We are able to provide field mounted, roof mounted and car park mounted solutions.
• Chillers: SHEco


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