Rapid Energy isn’t your typical drop and go boiler hire company. We pride ourselves on delivering a full turnkey hire solution with excellent customer communication and support. We position ourselves as a critical asset hire partner to businesses across the UK.

Our packaged boilers are specified with premium, high quality components for maximum efficiency and reliability. Our manufacturer and component partners include Viessmann, Reillo, Grundfos and easyIO/Johnson Controls.

Remote Monitoring and End to End Fuel Management

All of our packaged boilers come equipped with BMS, providing complete visibility on our equipment’s performance and vitals. Our team monitors our packaged boilers 24/7. Our temporary boilers can be restarted remotely and if there’s a problem, our operations team can usually diagnose the issue and resolve it from our HQ. This saves our customers valuable time and costs, especially if there are financial implications due to heating and hot water loss.

Mitigating heating and hot water downtime is crucial for residents and energy providers alike. BMS & remote monitoring plays a key role in our service offering and value proposition to District Energy partners.

Hiring Temporary Boilers During the Construction Phase

In some cases, a district network can be constructed way in advance of the associated Energy Centre being commissioned. Rapid Energy can provide temporary boilers to compensate for a scenario like this. Our packaged plant rooms reach a capacity of 2000kW and our fleet is large enough to service any requirement and capacity.

Operating nationwide, we provide a fast 24/7/365 service, capable of arriving on-site at a client’s facility within hours. We also provide client’s with service recovery plans, consisting of a detailed site survey and equipment/plant requirements, ready to be dispatched if needed.

Our fleet of packaged boilers start at the 100kW capacity, rising to the largest boiler in our fleet, the 2000kW (2MW) packaged boiler. Our boilers are designed, specified and manufactured in house. Our packaged boilers can be hired with multiple fuel options to choose from, including: Gas, IHO and HVO.

We also house a fleet of electric mobile boilers which are trolley mounted for simple manoeuvrability whilst on site. Our electric boiler range starts with our single phase 15kW boiler. Higher capacity ranges include the three phase connections on 22kW, 36kW and 40kW. These boilers are used mainly in the construction sector for drying screed, mitigating water leaks and providing instant heat for construction workers to continue work.

Heating and Hot Water Service Recovery Plans

Experiencing boiler failure and losing access to heating and hot water to a building can be disastrous for its occupants and business owners. Without a robust service recovery plan in place, which includes heating and hot water recovery, facility managers and alike can find themselves in a difficult situation.

Whilst we offer a rapid, emergency boiler hire service, it’s impossible to guarantee access to a specific capacity boiler. That’s where a service recovery plan from Rapid Energy comes into play. If you secure a service recovery plan from Rapid Energy, we can guarantee that your required boiler will be reserved, ready to be dispatched, installed and commissioned, if you need it.

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