Greener, Better Buildings

Whether you are a developer, investor, designer, planner, builder or just a user of the built environment, the Better Buildings section of Leicester City Council can be helpful to you. Even if you are considering buying a new house, there will be information that can help you make decisions about what is right for you and for the environment.

Keeping abreast of new developments in policy and practice both nationally and locally the project team would aim to share this information on making development more sustainable.  They will also be able to explain how green and sustainable developments can save you money and make buildings more ‘sellable’.

“The city of Leicester has long been at the forefront of environmental policy and practice.  They were the UK’s first ‘Environment City’ and in 1996 were honoured with the title Europe’s ‘Sustainable City’.
They believe that sustainability is an opportunity not a threat.”

The information provided will help enable you to:

  • appreciate the benefits of Better Buildings
  • find the key principles that guide sustainable choices
  • look at local examples of quality sustainable buildings
  • understand the processes that lie behind development.

Sustainable Cities Index

In 2010 Leicester achieved second place in the Sustainable Cities Index – continuing its steady rise from 14th place in 2007.

The Sustainable Cities Index was developed by think-tank Forum for the Future and tracks progress on sustainable development in Britain’s 20 largest cities.

It compares cities based on 13 indicators covering their:  environmental performance, quality of life and future-proofing.

Leicester did particularly well in its environmental performance, coming first in that basket of indicators overall.

In addition, Forum for the Future comment in their report:  “Leicester also shows leadership in future-proofing, with a strong climate change plan linked into existing environmental and corporate risk management, a high recycling rate and new business start-ups pursuing opportunities in sustainability and environmental management.”

However, the results also suggest that big challenges remain in areas such as education, employment, health and air quality.


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