Insite Energy are District Heating specialists providing metering and billing services to customers connected to communal and district heating networks. Insite Energy resolves the challenges faced by anyone looking for solutions to local energy supply.

If you are a landlord, developer, architect or consultant and you are planning a district energy system for your project, they have the skills and expertise to help you design, specify, procure, build and run your services.
In particular they offer a customer-focused meter reading and billing service directly to your residentsor other end users.

They offer our clients total flexibility to select whichever of their services you require and the freedom to choose whichever equipment supplier you prefer.

Formed as a joint venture between Rydon and Fontenergy, Insite Energy provides end-to-end services across the life of new housing and commercial developments.
Their services include system design, metering and billing, site management and procurement support.
Through all of their services, they focus on delivering a high quality of service to your tenants and customers. Insite Energy adhere to a customer charter which sets out service levels to our customers.


System Design

The correct design of energy assets can reduce costs, reduce risks and improve profitability. Energy assets on site may range from combined heat and power units producing heat and electricity, gas and biomass boilers, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels and a heat network with thermal storage. Many of these have high capital costs and long asset lives, so it is important to make the right decision from the outset.

Metering & Billing

Credit meters accurately record heat consumption which can be used to generate an invoice or bill to a consumer. Normally, the meter will be connected to a datalogger, which automatically reads the meter and records the meter data. This reduces the need to disturb customers as well as the cost of visiting site to record consumption, and avoids estimated bills which lead to casino spiele higher rates of customer queries and complaints.

Insite Energy can meter heat consumption, check those meter readings to ensure that they are accurate and bill customers directly, based on their actual consumption and tariff.

Site Management

Insite Energy provides an optional site management service. Their services are tailored to the level of support you require for your site. We can provide maintenance services from energy centre through to individual houses and flats. Theyalso provide general building maintenance.

With a team of over 200 maintenance engineers, they offer a 24 hour maintenance response service, 365 day a year with a rapid response for vulnerable customers. They currently resolve over 90% of call outs during the first visit.

Insite Energy offers fuel procurement assistance, from negotiating supply agreements for gas, top-up electricity supplies and biomass, through to biomass delivery management.

Some equipment installed on site is eligible for ongoing support, such as biomass heat production under the new renewable heat incentive. Insite Energy can help you access these incentives and ensure that you maximise the benefit from your assets.


Insite Energy
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