Quite simply, Hydrosphere® is a new concept in water treatment delivering effluent free, pre-commission chemical cleaning and hydraulic testing of mechanical installations.

Hydrosphere® provides an innovative and sustainable solution for pre-commission chemical cleaning and water treatment for the building services sector, a field of work that has had no real significant technological advances for many years.

Hydrosphere, in essence is a green process for the pre-commission cleaning of open and closed loop heating and cooling systems. Hydrosphere® follows closely the principles of the BSRIA guide on pre-commission cleaning with one main difference: Hydrosphere® overcomes the need to flush to drain.

The Hydrosphere process comprises two essential elements, and these are:

  • Pre-treatment of all system fill water
  • Dynamic system cleaning, via closed loop circuitry

The fundamental principles of the process were initially developed by ourselves back in the early 90‘s, however more recently effluent free cleaning has gained a higher profile due to our development work with Hydrosphere® and its capabilities.

It is the logical way that systems will be cleaned in the future.


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