Our knowledge of thermal energy systems merged with marketing leading technologies and our passion for efficiencies make us the right choice for you and your cost cutting solution.

Our products and services cater for the energy efficiency market. Almost every company can benefit by reducing costs as a result of recovering thermal energy.

We provide supply only or full turnkey solutions and services.

Our Thermal Energy Survey is a systematic review of how thermal energy is used within your site. It includes gaining information from staff, a physical inspection of the building and equipment, a review of data from previous usage and industry standards. It is nondisruptive to operations on site. our engineers are experienced professionals that understand the need for discretion when on site.

Our survey will identify opportunities to save energy and improve overall efficiencies. The findings will be gathered in an itemised report, which will include each opportunity that is identified with associated costs and savings. The report will be based on your existing priorities and targets and include estimated costs of implementing the identified opportunities, estimated savings (Kwh, financial and carbon), other benefits, risks and ROI.

It is important not to forget that a large portion of energy wastage is due to part of the existing process not operating as it should. Identifying weak links in the process will reduce operating costs as well as reduce maintenance demands and improve the life span of the equipment. This can also help with prioritising preventative maintenance actions.


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