Finning is the sole dealer for Caterpillar in the UK & Ireland, together leading the way by providing power and energy solutions, including;

  • Diesel and gas generators
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions for fuel-efficient energy technology
  • Renewable power solutions converting waste to energy
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for critical applications

Finning has the capability to deliver – through their products and also through their people, systems, technology, and support.

They can offer off-the-shelf generators to custom designed turnkey power solutions, engineered to your precise requirements.

The full service includes feasibility studies, detailed design, project management, installation, commissioning, ongoing operation and maintenance and finance capabilities.

Combined Heat And Power

Conventional electricity generation is about 40% fuel-efficient; by making use of the heat produced as a by-product this efficiency increases to over 75%.

Finning has a global reputation for developing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions that are durable, economic and reliable. Using highly efficient heat exchangers to harvest heat from the engine block water jacket, oil coolers and exhaust gases to produce hot water or steam. This can then be used for heating, absorption chilling or other processes.

Renewable Energy

Finning is a leading supplier of biogas and low-energy fuel generators, providing cutting edge solutions for the generation of power from landfill, anaerobic digester, sewage, animal waste and mine gases.

Their track record for producing power generation from sewerage biogas is second to none, with projects completed for a number of UK and overseas water utilities. Finning also have extensive experience of producing energy from waste for landfill operators.

Remote monitoring

Typically, when producing energy from landfill waste, operators need more than 90% gas engine uptime, so remote monitoring is an increasingly important part of a full repair and maintenance agreement. For this Finning use a PC based operating and data gathering system – LIMA – which provides both remote and on-site control and monitoring over all engine systems, so that you get rapid action when you need it.


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