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With the emergence of a number of chemical free water treatment solutions, how do they compare to the traditional method of using chemicals? The UKDEA does not specifically support either solution, but as water treatment is so critical to the operation and life span of heat networks, we would like to explore the benefits of both types of solution to give a balanced view and to inform delegates so they can make the right choice for their network.

We will begin with chemical water treatment, and a presentation looking at the success of its’ practices and their vital role in providing system protection, addressing the evolving environmental landscape and how these methods can adapt to meet future sustainability goals.

Then, Simon Woodward will make a short presentation (with points assembled by our speakers) on the overall benefits of chemical free water treatment, before 4 UKDEA Members delve into the subject further with focus on their own unique methods. We will conclude with a round table Q&A with all speakers.

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