Class-leading water treatment for cleaning established and new closed loop networks

Elysator cleans through and then protects your closed loop water networks against corrosion and bacteria. It requires no chemical inhibitors or biocides, delivers a proven ROI, has a huge environmental uplift all whilst achieving VDI 2035 water quality and a reliability unmatched by traditional water treatments.

Elysator is the innovator in electrochemical water treatment and has been developing solutions for land and marine projects for over fifty years. We have installations that have been onsite for more than 40 years and serve residential, commercial and industrial projects including heat networks.

Our comprehensive range of products combine to ensure the operational reliability and efficiency of your systems, protecting and extending the operational life of expensive assets, increasing energy efficiency whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime.

In the UK we have case studies with many major clients and list the some of the UK’s biggest DHN operators and end user clients. We contributed to the CIBSE CP1 Heat Networks Code of Practice with VDI2035 and electrochemistry now recognised as an alternative form of water treatment.


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