Working closely with our German partners, who have over 30 years’ experience in offering chemical free solutions, EleXion provide high quality equipment, technical advice, and aid installations to become compliant with VDI 2035, which is Europe’s primary water treatment regime. This standard is approved by many of the world’s leading HVAC manufacturers and has also been incorporated within the latest BSRIA BG 50 guidance for closed loop water treatment, of which we were privileged to have been invited to provide technical advice on during its draughting.

Traditionally the flushing and ongoing system protection methods in the UK have focused on the use of chemical additives. These do not offer long term system protection and result in large volumes of chemicals and contaminated water being flushed back into our water drainage network. Incorrect chemical dosing and poor ongoing water monitoring can also have a detrimental effect on costly system components causing premature failure often well before the systems’ end of life expectancy.

It is well known that a major cause of plant and system breakdown is poor water quality and treatment. It has been noted that just 1mm formation of scale on surfaces reduces system efficiency by up to as much as 10%. With modern equipment becoming increasingly efficient with tighter operating parameters, the impact of poor water quality can be significant!

Our sustainable technologies, which work on the basis of natural science and corrosion protection, are environmentally focused with no need for harsh traditional chemicals. We work closely with designers, building owners and system operators, offering solutions that combat the issues of scale and sludge, protecting valuable main plant assets and maintaining performance.

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