DOCAN are Specialists in the Application of Advanced Engineering.

We have a can-do attitude and believe that with the right technology, skill, experience, and attitude nearly anything is possible.  We have worked with many companies nationally and internationally from one-man bands, to major blue-chip organisations.  In the district heating industry, we are becoming the consultant’s consultancy.  We have a full technology stack to enable efficient and safe delivery of district heating systems.  What makes us unique is the ability to offer consultancy service, or distribute software, or give engineering or software training, or to give a Technology Transfer solution where we enable you to use the latest methods and technology.

ROHR2: Some significant areas of interest to industry: Buried Piping Design using the cutting edge ROHR2 pipe stress code which can account for buckling, collapse, burst, crushing, flexibility, connection loads, virtual anchors, equipment design and selection, dynamic effects such as surge, seismic, vibration.  Of course, if we can do buried piping, we can do above ground piping (EN13941/EN13480/ASME B31, etc). ROHR2 also links to Flownex to cover transient surge or thermal events.

Flownex: Thermo-Fluid design and optimisation studies of heating and cooling systems with Flownex system. From small Piping Systems, to massive Data Centres.  Design of bespoke systems and equipment for brownfield and greenfield systems.  Accounting for pressure drops, transient effects, thermal effects, control systems, optimisation and sensitivity studies, with various fluids, including liquids, gas, multi-phase, refrigerants, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and many others.

Hexagon – Surveying, Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering.  DOCAN are partners with Hexagon, and have access to the latest technology to expertly survey, scan and reverse engineer your site and systems.  We use the latest Leica technology, such as the RTC360, P40 Scanner, Cyclone, and Cloudworx.

Our Professional Engineers, Designers and Surveyors are here to help deliver your next project – from concepting, R&D, FEED, Detailed Design, Installation and Manufacture support to Fitness for Service and Decommissioning.

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