Diehl is a financially independent and legally autonomous family-run company. The continuous success is based on the experience of a long tradition reaching back to the year 1902 as well as on their broad product range in a variety of business fields in different industrial sectors. This is also reflected by the large number of customers they have. Diehl represent high quality and technology leadership since their research and development is market-oriented and they improve their processes constantly. Thus, Diehl can offer their customers products and services at fair prices, which have been specifically designed to meet their respective requirements. Diehl convince customers with sustained cooperation based on partnership.

The Diehl enterprise is particularly proud of the high motivation of its employees and their impressive loyalty reflected by their above-average length of service with Diehl. The company’s success is due above all to their employees. By setting precise objectives, leaving space for personal responsibility and creating an operational environment open to social concerns, they ensure that challenge and recognition are part of everyday working life. It goes without saying that they stand by our special responsibility to safeguard jobs in Germany.

Their Compliance Organization, providing a uniform, systematic, corporate-wide basis for the ethical principles we have lived by for many years, even more reliably ensures that the business activities of all employees are characterized by a high degree of transparency, integrity and fairness.

Diehl has set ambitious growth targets that prescribe standards for every individual staff member. Their broad product range and our independence from the banks have enabled Diehl in the past to remain successful as a group despite a negative economic environment, which was impressively confirmed by the dramatic economic and financial crisis in the years 2008 and 2009. To maintain this status quo in the future, solidity and sustainability are the primary objectives in all business activities.

Water Metering

Every water meter from Diehl Metering reflects 150 years of experience in the development and production of highly accurate meters. Their extensive range is the answer to the individual requirements of the municipal and private water industry.

Their range always has the right technology to offer. They manufacture a spectrum of products extending from dynamic single-jet or multi-jet meters, Woltman bulk water meters and rotary piston volume meters to static ultrasonic meter HYDRUS. Diehl also supply customized variants, extra large nominal sizes and special orders on request.

Almost all the water meters are equipped with interfaces for automatic meter reading (AMR) — over radio or cable to the M-Bus and Open Metering Standard. They provide customers with the basis for systematically expanding their infrastructure. The innovative ultrasonic technology of our HYDRUS water meter was developed in-house and ensures accurate measurement and long-term stability – even with heavily soiled water or air in the pipes.

Thermal Energy Metering

Diehl Metering technologies for local and district heating and cooling have been proved thousands of times and under the toughest operating conditions. This is shown by reference projects all over the world.

A comprehensive range offers a tailor-made solution for every requirement. The innovative ultrasonic technology developed in-house defines the future of energy measurement. For example, their SHARKY energy meter has been completely revised — for smooth integration into any system environment, such as the Open Metering Standard, and for Smart Metering applications. They naturally still use established mechanical meters for measuring the consumption of heat or cooling energy.

The communication capability of their meters has been the focus of our development work for many years. Today, all energy meters from Diehl Metering are equipped with interfaces for communication over radio or cable — to the M-Bus and Open Metering Standard.

Gas Metering

Diehl Metering is launching its innovative AERIUS gas meter on the market. The new centre of excellence in Ansbach in Central Franconia secures the development, testing and production of future-orientated gas metering technologies with pioneering know-how and the latest equipment.

The microthermal measuring principle has proved itself in the industry for many years. Diehl Metering now also provides this technology for household and commercial applications. Its unique advantage is the temperature-converted and pressure-independent standard volume output — for objectively accurate metering data.

The AERIUS static gas meter combines intelligent communication with maximum precision. Besides reliable and safe operation, AERIUS has full system capability through its integrated interfaces for radio or cable to the M-Bus and Open Metering Standard.

Electricity Metering

Diehl Metering completes its portfolio with the Echelon system solution for electricity – and now provides one-stop facilities for accurate reading of water, thermal energy, gas and electricity. This system solution based on the power line includes a range of meter variants as well as data loggers and an appropriate software application (NES) for operating the solution.

The Echelon electricity meters operate as single- or multi-tariff meters. The bidi-rectional communication between meters and data loggers enables the transmission of commands and a variety of features as well as the reception of data and alarms. Other meters can be connected to the Echelon meters over an M-Bus interface and a radio M-Bus receiver is available in addition to the wired connection.

Besides smart meters and the relevant infrastructure, Diehl Metering supplies intelligent communication solutions. For example, EVB’s Meterus middleware combines various meter infrastructures and provides the data and functions for different software. Existing gas or water meters can also be integrated. These don’t even have to be digital, as older meters can be incorporated over a radio interface to the Open Metering Standard or an M-Bus interface.


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