Diehl Metering offers a comprehensive range of Sharky heat meters with tailor-made solutions for every requirement. The innovative ultrasonic technology defines the future of energy measurement for smooth integration into any system environment, such as the Open Metering Standard, for Smart Metering applications.

The communication capability of the Sharky meters has been the focus of development work for many years. Today, all energy meters from Diehl Metering are equipped with interfaces for communication over radio or cable — from pulse to M-Bus, Modbus, Open Metering Standard (OMS) and IoT connectivity such as LoRaWAN.

Diehl Metering technologies for local and district heating and cooling projects have been proven thousands of times and under the toughest operating conditions, demonstrated through successful reference projects all over the world.

SHARKY: The Smart Ultrasonic Meter Founded on 5-Star Quality

Since 2007, the Sharky heat meter has been awarded 5 stars for measurement stability by independent tester AGFW. The top score, achieved by the SHARKY, is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Exhaustive Evaluation

During testing, the Sharky heat meter was put under intense scrutiny as it underwent the AGFW’s heating meter test. Through a comprehensive series of assessments, every aspect of the meter is evaluated, from measurement accuracy and stability to reparability of usual or new flow sensors.

Fully-Approved Accuracy

The Sharky heat meter gained top score for measurement accuracy thanks to its precise ultrasonic technology. The meter provides an extremely reliable solution for measuring both small and large quantities. The tests also showed that Sharky heat meter maintained excellent measuring accuracy even after 4,800 hours of use.

To mark the high standards achieved by the meter, the AGFW awarded a special graphic seal to Diehl Metering– a seal of approval that sets Sharky heat meter apart.

Complete Metering Solution

The long-term stability of the Sharky heat meter is a testament to Diehl Metering’s commitment to quality. By providing solutions that stand the test of time, the company helps customers to achieve long-term profitable added value.

As one of the most complete meters on the market, the Sharky heat meter provides utilities with a solid foundation for the future.


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