Birdsall are a family owned business, established back in 1975.

Today we employ 60 engineers and staff and help operate and maintain 20 energy centres within district energy networks, predominantly in London. In the 1990’s we were heavily involved in the CHP market, our biggest project during that period being the BBC Television Centre.

Today we’re back in the market, only as recently as three years ago, when we formed our Energy Services division. We work and partner with ESCo’s delivering mechanical, electrical HVAC and control services. Ironically we’re back at Television Centre operating the new energy centre.

Last year we established an additional team specialising in the maintenance of HIU’s and other residential services. Birdsall are a regular participant at EMEX (Energy Management Exhibition) which is a superb community of like-minded, innovative organisations, pushing the development of energy management. We attend the show as much to participate and network with that community as much as to promote our company.

We like to think of ourselves as innovative and we back that up with an R&D programme with a reasonable annual budget.

We hope to actively participate with and contribute to the UKDEA community in the years ahead. We already work with or partner with a number of members.


Birdsall Services Ltd
13 Avebury Court
Mark Road
Hemel Hempstead

Tel: +44 (0)1442 212501