The UK District Energy Association Associate Member:

Fortes Energy Systems

Within Fortes Import BV, various specialists present which, based on their years of experience and know-how from their specific field of study (specialization) can advise the customer, assist and support. Of course, this also applies to the entire product range of Fortes Import BV. Consider, for example here: underfloor heating systems, underfloor heating distributors, hot water boiler systems, digital systems, energy meters and so on.

Take the heat exchangers. Our specialists have years of experience and knowledge of brazed heat exchangers and screwed in different shapes and sizes, suitable for various applications. But also may be composed of the combination of heat exchanger with control components (eg. Skid-construction), and be selected for the customer to size. Control components or accessories, as we understood: electric, pneumatic or self-acting valves, digital controllers, etc. (applications include temperature control loops, pressure reduceersystemen - for a variety of mediums, such as water and steam).

The Import Fortes specialists consult with the customer in order to achieve the desired solution and may then arrange for delivery. This can produce from our office in Houten, but also on location at the customer. The Fortes Import specialists are at your disposal.


Fortes Energy Systems
Loodsboot 26
3991 CJ Houten

Tel: +031 30 293 0236


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