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GEA PHE Systems

GEA Heat Exchangers covers numerous application areas, from air conditioning systems to cooling towers, and therefore probably provides the widest portfolio of heat exchangers worldwide.

Finned-tube heat exchangers, single-tube heat exchangers, Heller systems, air-cooled condensers, wet cooling towers, plate heat exchangers, HVAC systems, and all kinds of shell-and-tube heat exchangers: for all feasible applications, the new GEA segment for heat exchangers offers from one source the best possible solutions. And it powerfully supports planning efforts in all areas of heat transfer.

By focusing all heat-exchanger activities in one single segment, GEA now highlights its position as world leader on the market of heat exchangers.

Heat exchange energizes the world. And it is GEA Heat Exchangers giving the decisive impulse. With GEA plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers, air filter systems, synthetic fillings for numerous areas of application, wet cooling towers and dry cooling systems as well as air-conditioning technology – our Segment gives comprehensive coverage of the spectrum. But even with probably the largest portfolio worldwide, that's not all that's on offer. What makes GEA Heat Exchangers unique and a partner of choice is the HX-Factor. Heat exchange with HX-Factor: That means customized, reliable and sustainable solutions conforming to the signs of the times.

The HX-Factor is our promise. It stands for unique expertise in heat exchange (HX = HEAT EXCHANGE) and clearly defines what lies at the Segment's core.

The HX-Factor has many facets. Its generations of experience are just as much a part of this as are its customized engineering, worldwide customer proximity or its repeated demonstration of innovative strength. Every single employee in the Segment makes a contribution to energizing the HX-Factor with positive attributes. Through an enthusiasm for a technology that shapes peoples' lives in a progressive way. Through particular care and precision. Through commitment at all levels. This quality is transferred directly onto the products and services. This makes the HX-Factor a tangible experience for you too. It ensures a wide range of product benefits for you. It rewards your trust with reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions. So you can count on the HX-Factor!

  • One of the world's largest product portfolios on the heat exchange market
  • Future-oriented solutions for a great number of fields of application
  • Unique expertise and experience in heat exchange
  • Client-specific products and services – produced and developed by GEA
  • Case-by-case consulting for all technologies on the market
  • Worldwide manufacturing and service network


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