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AMCO Pipe UK Ltd

Based on 25 years’ experience in the District Heating Industry, our Company Director, Tony Jackson, took his knowledge and brought AMCO Pipe UK Ltd to life. Using his keen instinct, Tony realised there was huge potential for growth within the District Heating market place.

With AMCO's substantial construction, product and manufacturing experience, AMCO have the potential to become one of the most prominent district heating experts in this sector! AMCO pipe's purpose is to provide a first class district heating and/or cooling solution to customers with their un-paralleled knowledge and expertise. Through premium quality services and products, the company will deliver cost efficiency and environmental benefits, along with innovative techniques to help promote renewable energy products throughout the UK.

AMCO Pipe have sourced the highest quality products for their clients, ensuring they cover a variety of bases; perfect for any project. They will be able to ensure customers needs are met after consulting with their highly experience designers as no two projects are the same. AMCO Pipe will provide a number of first-class services including:

Site visits and advice

Whatever the client requires, AMCO Pipe will be there every step of the way - starting with on site visits. Helping to understand what work needs to be done as well as the most suitable for a business. The company will be available throughout the project with advice and expertise to ensure the product is delivered.

Design (Partners)

AMCO Pipe have fantastic relationships with some of the best designers in their local area who have substantial experience in the District Heating industry. They help AMCO Pipe's clients understand what pipes they need and what will be installed.


When embarking on any project, you can't afford to be complacent when it comes to setting the foundations for your pipes. AMCO Pipe works closely with the designers when setting out the foundations, ensuring that it is the most efficient and safe way to lay a new piping system. They company also has a wide range of civil contractors to service the installation needs for clients.


AMCO Pipe have a large group of partners that can perform all types of welding or the company can assist existing contract welders, as required.

Training and certification

AMCO Pipe believes in sharing knowledge and experience with anyone who needs the company's expertise - the only company in the immediate area who train others in:

  • Installation.
  • Welding.
  • Electro fusion welded band muffs.
  • Plastic pipes (PECS).
  • REHAU certified trainer.
  • PEX certified trainer.


AMCO Pipe UK Ltd
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