The UK District Energy Association Associate Member:

Orchard Partners London Limited

Design and specification work to maximise fuel use using condensing boilers, condensing CHP and fully variable flow heat networks for new build, retrofitting and improving the performance of existing installations. Emphasis on supply of low CO2 piped heat from CHP electric heat pumps, renewable heat and solar thermal. Objective to maximise CO2 displacement by balancing investment in fabric improvement and low carbon heat sources to meet clients domestic hot water base load and their ventilation heat loads. 

Analysis and resolution of heat distribution problems in domestic and commercial systems with poor supply of heat or domestic hot water. Expert witness work associated with heating systems. Economic analysis of CHP and how to model its impact on the respective heat and electricity sectors and their networks.

Assistance to other consulting engineers through transfer of proven design's and schematics for fully variable flow systems. Arrangements for the integration of CHP engines using hydraulic principles with boilers so that the low CO2 heat source, the CHP or the electric heat pump leads the heat supply.  This is something that is problematic with many forms of temperature control.


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