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Viridor Waste Management Ltd

Viridor Waste Management are helping people see waste differently.

By transforming domestic and commercial recyclables into high-quality raw materials or energy, they're making a substantial contribution to improving both their customers' and the UK's resource efficiency.

In order to lead this transformation they had to transform their business.

Gone is the traditional waste collection and disposal company, and in its place is a progressive and innovative recycling and resource management operation.

Viridor use smart people and smart technology to deliver our vision. From user-friendly household waste recycling centres for the general public to some of the most advanced materials recycling facilities and energy from waste plants in Europe.

Viridor are committed to all three aspects of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

This is not just important to Viridor, it is at the very core of their business and the services provided to over a hundred local authorities and thousands of private sector customers across the UK.

The treatment of waste as a real resource is a vital contribution to cutting carbon emissions and reducing climate change impacts.

Their services are closely aligned to, and are increasingly helping to deliver, the waste hierarchy that is now enshrined in EU and UK waste policy.

Last year we transformed over two million tonnes of domestic and industrial and commercial recyclables into high-quality raw materials. In fact, around 50% of their profits now come from recovering value from waste.

In those cases where it isn’t economically viable or environmentally feasible to recycle, Viridor are investing over £1billion in Energy from Waste facilities throughout the UK to generate much needed heat and power.

They strongly believe that our continued focus on all three aspects of sustainability, alongside the delivery of cost-effective and robust services to the highest professional standards, will enable them to provide an added- value solution for all our customers and stakeholders.


Viridor Waste Management Ltd
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Website: http://viridor.co.uk