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Peel Utilities Holdings Limited

The Peel Group is a leading infrastructure, transport and real estate investment company in the UK.

Their business activities have a positive influence on the day to day lives of thousands of people.Through expertise, community engagement and customer service they are creating environments where people and businesses can flourish.

Peel has and will continue to put down very strong roots by recycling capital and retaining its investments. Peel has a long term horizon; there is no interest in quick fixes. Corporate policy is to actively manage the diverse portfolio by improving the quality of the Group's interests and properties bringing benefits to the local areas and communities where it operates.

Their underlying interests are the natural assets of land, air and water along with the 5,000 talented people who work for them.

We are at the forefront of delivering low-carbon energy for the UK. We believe that a mix of low-carbon technologies is the best way to sustainably meet the UK's growing energy needs.

For this reason we are investing in a balanced portfolio of wind farms, tidal and hydro power, and biomass.

Wind power

Peel Energy is committed to the development of onshore wind projects. Their onshore wind portfolio includes a range of schemes in operation, under construction or in various stages of development.

Peel Energy's projects include the operational Royal Seaforth Dock and Port of Liverpool wind farms and also the consented Frodhsm and Blue Sky Forest wind farms.


Peel Energy has identified sites for the development of a series of biomass power stations at Peel facilities across the UK and on third-party land. These sites represent viable opportunities for biomass energy facilities with a potential output of 20–30MW or up to 300MW each. Projects include the consented Ince Biomass Energy Plant in Cheshire.

Tidal and hydro power

Peel Energy is advancing proposals to develop several small-scale hydropower installations at sites in the North West of England. Opportunity to improve fish passage at the sites is also being explored.

Peel, in partnership with the NWDA and the Mersey Basin Campaign, also completed a feasibility study, to consider viability, technology and options for generating electricity from the tides of River Mersey.

Investing in sustainable energy provision

Peels substantial investment in Coalfield Resources and Harworth Estates (formerly known as UK Coal), Britain's biggest coal producer and owner of 17,500 hectares of land, provides a range of partnership opportunities for Peel businesses committed to sustainable energy provision.

The company utilises waste gas from mines to generate electricity, and has received planning permission for the development of the company's first two wind farms, with other schemes being pursued in collaboration with Peel Energy.

In addition, Peel Environmental is working with Harworth Estates on plans for waste infrastructure developments at eleven sites across the North of England and the Midlands.


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