The UK District Energy Association Associate Member:

BH EnergyGap LLP

BH EnergyGap builds success on its know-how in developing sites, planning, contracting, selecting state of the art technologies and waste management expertise. These skills, together with the ability to secure funding, enables BH EnergyGap to deliver major projects in renewable energy.

A flexible approach and access to funding allows BH EnergyGap to develop a diverse range of projects that include renewable energy and recovery of materials. Funding is available for projects up to £500M in capital value.

Their aim over the next few years is to develop and operate as many as 15 major projects and become one of the market leaders in this sector.

They do not advertise, but instead select carefully the projects we undertake to ensure they are financially and technically viable.

Many developers will claim that they are technology agnostic. BH EnergyGap is anything but technology agnostic, as this implies not caring about what actually gets built. BH EnergyGap is concerned that whatever technology is selected it has to be right for the job and give reliable performance over the life of the project. This means caring very much. BH EnergyGap pre-vets all proposed technologies for funder and operator approval. All the technologies being considered are proven, tried and tested, with appropriate reference plants in operation.

Reaching a definitive view on technology does not mean being inflexible, and BH EnergyGap works with its advisors and operators to ensure that the technology will work reliably with the waste stream being provided.


BH EnergyGap LLP
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