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Watts Industries UK Limited

Watts Industries Europe B.V. is the European Holding Company and is a Division of Watts Water Technologies Inc., a world-wide leading manufacturer of products that contribute to comfort and safety in the area of water (quality) for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Watts Water Technologies Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the symbol WTS.

Watts Industries Europe develops and manufactures an extensive range of valves, units, controls and accessories, with sales generated through specialized wholesale distributors and OEM's. With 26 companies, 20 sales offices and 20 production sites, a workforce of more than 2000 people, Watts Industries Europe realises an annual turnover of more than EUR 400 Million.

Watts Industries Europe, with its broad product portfolio, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of valves, controls and accessories for radiant heating, commercial heating, air conditioning and under-floor heating applications both domestic and commercial.

Watts provides R&D resources to Europe's multi-disiplined original equipment manufacturers. Resulting in cost reduction and improved system functionality. Watts Industries Europe maintains a leading position in the hydronic heating market supplying global OEM's a complete single source package solution including valves, manifolds and electronic controls.

Watts Industries with its extensive range of products is able to service the total requirements of the HVAC market from OEM to Merchant outlet.


Grosvenor Park
WR11 1GA

Telephone: 01386 446997

Telfax: 01386 41923 (Five digits)

Website: www.wattsindustries.com