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Clarke energy Limited

Clarke Energy engineers, installs and maintains gas-fuelled combined heat and power facilities. These facilities can form the core power plant of district energy schemes in order to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

United Kingdom

Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and service partner for GE Energy’s Jenbacher gas engine in the United Kingdom. Clarke Energy is committed to delivering high quality installations and to providing reliable, accountable, long term maintenance support for your GE Jenbacher gas generation equipment. Clarke Energy’s Liverpool offices and facilities are the global headquarters of the company. Clarke Energy’s installations meet the highest levels of environmental performance. Examples of our projects include renewable energy facilities on biogas and landfill, high efficiency generation via combined heat and power and coal mine facilities capturing gases which may otherwise have escaped into the atmosphere.

British Service Coverage

Clarke Energy provides comprehensive coverage for the country and has engineers based at various locations across Great Britain. Clarke Energy’s British service coverage of over 100 engineers is divided across eight different regions. Each region has an area supervisor trained to the highest levels of GE Jenbacher proficiency. The supervisor is supported by a team of local service engineers, each with a van stocked with key spare parts and consumables. This results in the quickest response times to unscheduled maintenance events and minimal levels of engine down-time. These engineers are supported by a remote help desk that can help support the customer with engine diagnostics.

Our UK operations have the largest store of GE Jenbacher spare parts located outside of Austria. The store is located with ready access to the motorway network for rapid dispatch around the country. Clarke Energy’s service facilities have recently expanded to include a complimentary GE Jenbacher parts refurbishment facility. The Northwest England-based head office includes one of the network of three, authorised, GE Jenbacher overhaul facilities. The facility is manned by a dedicated team of over 20 overhaul engineers. The GE Jenbacher engine overhaul typically takes place after sixty thousand hours of operation. Clarke Energy has a dedicated facility which is able to simultaneously overhaul a number of engines in parallel. The company also stocks a number of engine short blocks and is able to provide swing engines in order to minimise the downtime of generation assets at the point of overhaul.

Clarke Energy is also the authorised distributor and service partner, in ten countries worldwide, for GE Energy's gas-powered reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets and cogeneration units for power generation. Clarke Energy provides added value to the customer by acting as single point of contact from initial sale, engineering, project management, installation through to commissioning and long-term maintenance of your generation asset. Clarke Energy is present in ten countries across the globe and has significant experience in a wide range of different gas applications including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gases.

Clarke Energy has multinational operations in Algeria, Australia, China, France, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Tunisia and the United Kingdom. Clarke Energy is committed to delivering the highest quality installation along with a reliable, localised service support network in all the territories in which we operate. Clarke Energy is able to deliver a complete solution for your gas engine power generation needs including the supply, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning and long term maintenance of their facility. Gas based power generation projects are present in a variety of different applications. Natural gas systems focus on high efficiency generation from natural gas, which has the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels. Biological gases are renewable fuels and originate from the degradation of organic matter by microorganisms and include biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas. Gases associated with coal deposits provide the opportunity for the generation of power whilst avoiding carbon emissions. Finally special gas applications are some of the most challenging gaseous fuels including syngas from biomass and waste and gases originating as a by-product from the production of steel.

Generating projects are typically for continuous base load power generation where the generator is required to run continuously throughout the year. Alternatively gas engines can be utilised to provide peak lopping capability where a rapid response is required to cope with fluctuations in power grid requirements. GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engine can be utilised in a straight electricity generation, combined heat and power (cogeneration) , combined heat, power and cooling (trigeneration) or combined heat, power, cooling and CO2 recovery (quadgeneration) configuration. Individual gas engines are currently available from 249 – 4,400 kW electrical output. Gas engine based power plants can consist of many individual engines and can exceed 40MW of generation capacity. The market leading J920 gas engine with an output of 9.5MW will be available from 2013. Engines can be installed directly into a building, or alternatively for the fastest installation can be provided as plug and play containerised generating sets. In most cases we design and perform turnkey installations and commit to long-term maintenance contracts guaranteeing availability. All with the superb, purpose designed, high efficiency, clean burning GE Jenbacher gas engine.

Clarke Energy is an authorised distributor and service partner for GE Energy's Gas Engines Division. Clarke Energy provides added value to the customer by acting as single point of contact from initial sale, project management, engineering, installation through to commissioning and long-term, reliable maintenance of your gas engine CHP plant. Clarke Energy has operations in ten countries across the globe. We are specialists in cogeneration / combined heat & power using gas engines. We have significant experience in a wide range of different renewable and high-efficiency gas applications including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gases. Clarke Energy has one focus; GE Energy reciprocating gas engines for the production of power. Our company's core values are quality, reliability, accountability and integrity.

Clarke Energy provides flexible solutions for the delivery & maintenance of gas engine power plants. Our services range from the supply of a gas engine, through to the complete turnkey installation of a gas-fuelled combined heat and power plant. Clarke Energy has a dedicated, top-quality team of sales, engineering, project management, commissioning and maintenance staff. Clarke Energy offers long term maintenance contracts backed up by a strong balance sheet. This helps give peace of mind with respect to the long-term performance of your GE gas engine facility.


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