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Junifer Systems Limited


Founded in 2009, Junifer Systems is a privately funded business founded by an experienced team with a proven track record in building successful technology businesses.

The Junifer Systems team has utilised it's strong background in the complex Telecomms billing sector to provide highly efficient, flexible and cost effective back-office solutions for the utilities and telco markets.

For today's utility, Junifer is focused on developing the critical software applications to power the new "Smart World" where large volumes, innovative products/pricing and customer satisfaction will become the operational focus. With the momentum resulting from the rollout of Smart Meters, Utility Operators must adapt their operational stack to take advantage of the rich information delivered by the next generation meters. The Junifer Product Suite is designed to take the automatic readings from disparate meters and provide end customers with usage based bills that accurately reflect the energy consumption within the household or business in a timely manner.

For the modern Telco providing wholesale interconnect voice and data services, Junifer provides the best of breed products to support their current and next generation requirements. The in-depth business and technology experience of the Junifer team is reflected in it's technology product suite that provides the operator with genuine competitive advantage and a solid platform for launching new products and services.

Utility Products

Junifer Systems is a technology product company dedicated to delivering and supporting billing and customer care solutions.

Their software has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Smart Meter technology that is currently being rolled out across utility networks in Europe.

Two of their primary differentiators in the supply of such back-office systems is our highly scalable and flexible product suite coupled with their extensive experience of large volume, high throughput environments.

Their products are effectively Smart Meter agnostic; they are able to simultaneously process multiple data feeds from multiple meters types and formats, regardless of the manufacturer.

The Junifer product suite provides utility distributers and suppliers with solutions that add genuine value to their business and provides a platform for competitive advantage. The key attributes being:


The solution enables business innovation and competitive advantage through a modular design. Their software is designed to support the complex needs of utility operators effectively 'out the box'. It can support both the current and future needs of the operator from a single solution. This unique capability enables the utility company to manage their transition to a 'next generation' smart environment in a timely and measured manner.


Traditionally utility bill processing was based on taking estimated or measured readings on an irregular basis. With the advent of the Smart Meter, utility operators have access to more accurate and timely data, potentially to a granularity of half an hour. The ability to access and process such data provides utility operators with many opportunities to differentiate themselves within the market and provide a high value proposition to customers (e.g. proactively inform customers of abnormal usage in near real time). Furthermore this more valuable, granular data can provide the business with more accurate predictive capabilities.

To realise these opportunities the underlying back office systems will need to process significantly larger volumes of usage data. This will impose significant strain on systems that were not designed with this purpose in mind.

The Junifer software has been designed to be highly scalable with the ability to support large data volumes in a time and cost efficient manner.

The engineering team responsible for designing the Junifer product suite has leveraged their extensive experience in processing in excess of one billion records a day in telecoms production environments to create what we consider to be the 'Best of Breed' system designed specifically for the Utilities industry.

Cost Effectiveness

The Junifer product suite is underpinned by a distributed component architecture. This design approach enables the system to scale and support an increase of customer accounts and/or frequency of meter readings through the introduction of additional commodity hardware.

The software utilises the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) design concepts ensuring the look-and-feel is consistent with modern applications. Furthermore, it is fully internationalized so that each users may experience the software in a language of their choice thereby ensuring that the application is easy to rollout and use in an enterprise utility environment. Ultimately this leads to ongoing cost savings through automation and efficient working processes.


Junifer Systems provides extensive installation, support and training services to the utility and telco sectors.

Installation & Configuration

Their skilled consultants are responsible for managing and delivering a bespoke end-to-end solution to each customer. Expert in the Junifer Systems product suite, the consultants have strong business and technical skills which enable them to work closely with customers to plan and deploy the implementation. They advise on data migration, interfaces to external systems in addition to the configuration and management of the Junifer Systems product suite.


Junifer Systems provides a tailored range of Support Services for its customers - the company's standard support package includes both telephone and web support as well as access to software upgrades, patches and rolled up service packs. For those customers seeking extended weekend or 24/7 support Junifer Systems offers tailored support solutions.

Junifer Systems can also provide dedicated support staff on site where customers require ongoing operational assistance.


Junifer Systems provide a range of standard training packages to enable our customers to train their staff in the use of the Junifer software. This ensures that the both CSRs and system support staff are properly educated in the use of the software.


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